Custom Made Shirts

I make custom t-shirts upon request! You send me the image you want, i see if i can make the stencil, the shirt and then tada… you got a custom-made top just for you! Custom made, any size, style, and color just for YOU! Movie, band, slogan, you pick it, I stick it on a shirt!

Pick stencil you want, I suggest they have an AMAZING selection of stencils. However, any image off the web I can also turn into a stencil!

Pricing depends on how detailed the stencils are and how much ink they need. Most of my shirts go for $10 $15 OR $20 TO $25 dollars. I’m not greedy and really enjoy making them.

I can provide a few various types of plain shirts, you select color and size OR give me one of your comfy or special shirts and i can add the image onto it. I only use black and white ink so keep that in mind.

Check out my DIY tag shirts for some i have already made. One of a kind shirt at affordable costs. Can use images and text to make your shirt mean anything! Contact me if you want to set something up!

See below for example pricing!

Very simple 10$
Simple but with many details 15$

Lots of details $25

More of my super awesome shirts i have done:

X Tube Top
Has flaw in ink will sell $5
Skull with band name
Skull on sleeves logo on front
Upright Citizens Punk Band TEE
Sex Bob-omb (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world movie) on girlie softee tee 10$ size Small


die toten hosen

die toten hosen band GIRLY tee


FEAR punk band TEE


EVIL DEAD movie tee

Oingo Boingo

Oingo Boingo Band Tee

Madness DIY top


Madness Girly DIY Tee

Raven Butterflies

Raven Butterflies Custom design tee

All above styles are available ready to print on a t-shirt 10$-15$ (X is 5$ sale)
Text: Add 5$-10$ depending of length. 2 line max.

!!!Shipping is 2-3 days flat rate priority USA only $6!!! Ask for international Quotes!

Available Shirt styles & Prints ready to apply (hover for description, price & sizes):

Don’t see a shirt style you like? It will only cost an extra $3.99 to your order for me to run out and get a shirt your size and style and color.

2 Responses to Custom Made Shirts

  1. Brian Smoak says:

    Would you be able to do the Oingo Boingo stencil on a size Large off-the-shoulder black shirt? And how much would that cost? Thanks, Brian

    • Raven says:

      Currently i only have size S in the off shoulder style. However I can go to a store like f21 or h&m and get a top for u of you choosing and style and make it for u and include that into the price it would be like $20. plain tees r usually like 10 including tax. please let me know what u would want and how u would want it to look. Thanx! email me:

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