My name is Raven. I’m in my early 20’s. Psych major. People label me as goth/punk. I like to shop and I love to spend money! I made this blog to show off all my thrifty finds and cool interests and also to promote my custom made shirts!

Likes: shopping, nuwave, 80’s, goth, punk, piano, cello, strange, paranormal, weird, cats, action movies, horror, reading, dye-ing my hair,  penguins, movies, collecting, laughing, travel, photography, vintage, Victorian, antiques, skeeball, swimming, winter, purple, silk, Betsey Johnson, uk 77-82, eBay, the sims, skateboarding video games and skateboarders, junkies, silence, b movies, swagbucks, doghouses, miniatures,  writing, poetry, graveyards, sunsets, hiking, arcade, zombies, having few good friends than many fake friends, doodles, Robert Rodriguez movies, scrapbooking, key chains, converse (low tops), Jack FM and Kroq2, trench coats, fishnet, evil clowns or jesters, psychology, glamhead and mosquitohead, x-men, pearls, mushrooms and extra cheese, black, Curve Crush, dark red nail polish, devils, tattoos, Mr. Horsepower, faux fur, pink leopard and purple zebra, free shit, bondage boots, fun pencils and pens, dark jeans, smell of wet cement, law and order: svu, Alex.

Dislikes: Lolita goth, sandels, butterflies, people who don’t stop all the way at stop signs, death, trendy vampires, bubble stickers, overpriced crap, stuck up idiots, rapists, gross things, ignorant people, eyeballs, splattered paint “art”, cat pee, lies, mean people, yellow, backstabbing, being poor, wiggers, vomit, converse (high tops), annoying dogs, long lines, lemon, drugs, hangnails, boring books, things that are labeled wrong, drunk people, bums who beg for beer money, tarantulas, smelly people, fake friends, needles, missed calls and late replies, unnecessary nudity, high prices for natural things, Mondays, Kirk.

8 Responses to About

  1. Sharron says:

    You’ve got to start a tumblr on IDing clothes! You’re the only one on the internet I can find who’s ID’d any of Britt Robs clothes correctly & I want them all!

  2. Sheri Sullivan says:

    Love your stuff and your ideology!

  3. JANA PERKAL says:

    Me again! Do you still have the black polka dot coin purse from Hot Topic? If so, call me!

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