eBay Bucks Cash Back Rewards

I am a HUGE fan of cash back. Along with eBates, I also use Honey and Wikibuy to maximize savings. My go to is eBates but there are limited categories. Now I sell and buy from eBay almost exclusively for everything so I always take advantage of their bonus offers on cash back. Normally you make 1% or 1 cent per dollar. BUT they send out emails from time to time from anywhere between 3 to 10 percent cash back with no minimum. They also have category or price exclusive offers (cameras or shoes only or over $50). I wait for these times to buy major purchases like cameras, phones, or computers. These vary throughout the year.


My eBay Cash was about to expire so I picked something quick on my watch list. I picked a bag I’ve been wanting for a while now. I wanted it as a gift but I don’t know if it will still be for sale near my birthday. It is normally $48 but eBay seller had it on sale. They already sold 5/6 so it was my last chance. With my cash back bucks, I only paid $4.61! Shipping was free but on the package cost $7! So I got a MEGA steal! Even though it’s on sale on BJS website for $20 I still got it for under $5!


Here it is my new Kitsch Tuxedo Tales Penguin Wristlet from Betsey Johnson!

Be sure to sign up at eBates via THIS link (if you have Chrome get the extension too!) and activate when shopping! It is my fav cash back program! So far i have gotten $177 mailed to me!

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction who is addicted to starbucks.
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