Free People Thrift Store Haul!

There is a thrift store by my work that always has Free People tops and dresses. They always have a 50% perfect off sale on clothes on select days. I was sad to see this discount was lowered from 50 to 40 as of last week. I guess everyone needs to make a bigger profit even places that take donations!

So below are a few of the FP stuff i got and some have since sold for 2-3 times what i paid!

20141024_204502 20141024_205218 20141024_210338 20141024_210656 20141024_211150 20141024_212858 $_57 (14)$_57 (15)




PLUS I found my very much beloved vintage 1990’s Free People long sleeve thermal top! I got this in a HUGE random lot on eBay of punk/goth clothes when i was a teenager many years ago. It always fit more like a crop top because of it’s thermal type fit. Its super warm and cozy and black and white striped never goes out of fashion!

$_12 (2)


Thats all for now but i got some new Betsey Johnson stuff i will post soon!

ALSO I am working REALLY hard on another post similar to my well received The Secret Circle Fashion post! So please stay tuned and prepare to be WOWED!


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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction who is addicted to starbucks.
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