A Very Betsey J. Valentines Day!

Retail $199 Model #EZ16069

I had overpaid 3 times the original listing price of $6 on eBay when i asked the seller over the course of 2 months to re-list this item. Desperate to make it my Valentines Day dress, this Betsey Johnson Evenings Dress is full on sequins and thick tie waist! A size 6 was too big and had me literally falling out of my dress, so i was forced on Valentines day to buy a new dress and change immediately. My eyes darted on a black dress, thinking it was the Free People Corset Voile Dress from my Secret Circle Fashion post but lord behold, under close inspection it was a Punk Label Betsey Johnson ballerina dress. My heart pounded so hard I thought i would faint. It was only $9.50 for a dress that i have seen sell for $300!

IMG_8002 IMG_8005 IMG_8008 Betsey Johnson Punk Label Ballerina Dress

I also picked up this cute forever 21 horse print dress which i will sell on eBay after i wear it at least once! I love print dresses, this one has such cute straps too!

Forever 21 Boutique Horse Dress Forever 21 Boutique Horse Dress

On a different note my long time boss Fashion Designer Rio Warner of Glitter Death (formally Beauty Is Pain) is on the cover of the Valentines Day LA Weekly! I have worked for her for many years, working on her ebay BeautyIsPain and love her shop in Hollywood Glitter Death! Rio has been commissioned to create one of a kind costume pieces for A-List celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna. Read the article here!!

LA Weekly Couples Issue 2014

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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction who is addicted to starbucks.
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2 Responses to A Very Betsey J. Valentines Day!

  1. Grunge Queen says:

    Just found your blog – it’s great! Not sure which dress I like better, but I think the black ballerina style is a beaut and if a size 6 is floating on you I bet you look killer in it. The low-cut back is so lovely – reminds me of my dancing days. 🙂 Plead post often!

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