Still more to come! Forever 21, BCBG, & L.A.M.B. half off!

So the thrift store i go to has since closed and i am now thrift-shop-less. I did spend $100 the last week they were open and had a half off sale. I did regrettably miss their $1 clothes & shoes sale. I did get some good stuff that will help pay the bills for a while. I also scored some great stuff for myself too! Here is just SOME of what i got:Mossimo FLannel dumpster bongos! L.A.M.B. Top sooo cute lux crop americn rag sheer top nwt sonoma robe semi sheer cardigan Love Culture threads rocker status top 90's vntg tripp top bondage pencil skirt old navy chiffon dress russe top dumpster bras chic lbd vintage lip service pvc skirt sexy dress Guess Tankini NikiBiki floral Dumpster Dress A+ BCBG dress F21 Fit & FLare NWT Jump Girl Cocktail BCBG Dress F21 Green Dress BCBG Dress Vntg Crochet Dress H&M Leopard Love Lucy top F21 Fringe Chaps Velvet top Junk Food Felix Soda Junk Food Lucky Charms My Peeps Vntg Polka Dot Sheer F21 Cardigain

Most if not all will be on ebay for sale. They were all half off like seven bux a piece or less so not too much profit after fee’s and shipping. But its better than nothing! Still have TONS seriously TONS of clothes from previous trips!

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction who is addicted to starbucks.
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