My secret addiction is bralettes! I had a favorite one i got super cheap. 5$ at some store at the mall and WISHED i stocked up before they stopped carrying them! I have one in black lace halter style. I stoped at Charlotte Russe and found one almost identical but straight straps for $8.50! I paid full price and got some cute sparkly ones on sale for $3.99-4.99.

CHarlotte Russe Bralette BLACK CHarlotte Russe Bralette BURGANDY

CHarlotte Russe Bralette BLUEThen i went to ross and found this INSANELY adorable long lace back cardigain! It is a 1x but fits like a medium. And because its slouchy, it only looks better in a bigger size. It was $3.50!!

IMG_2507 IMG_2508

But then i splurged at the mall because i saw a Say Anything tee in the window and just HAD to treat myself to it! LOVE IT!!!

IMG_2473 IMG_2474

AND i got this CUTE Galaxy Cat shirt from Hot Topic but i got it on ebay for like $6 and i looooveee it! I even saw in a magazine that Cats is a trend right now so yay!

IMG_2470 IMG_2472

Soon i’ll get the REAL Galaxy Cat shirt i keep seeing everywhere!

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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One Response to Charlotte Russe BRALETTES! + SPLURGE + GALAXY CATS!

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