Horror Movie Fashion: DIY costumes from ThriftyBitch

In the spirit of Halloween, i have compiled a nice little list of east do it yourself halloween icon costumes! Being so close to Halloween, costume manufacturers rack up the dollars making unlicensed and overpriced costumes in attempts to capture the likeness of a horror movie icon. DONT waste your money! DIY! It doesn’t take much, and people will get the idea even if its half-ass.

  • Freddy Kruger –  Nightmare on Elm Street franchise


We all know Freddy for his glove and his sweater. Dont spend over 50$ on a crappy costume and accessories! All you really need is a look-a-like sweater from Goodwill, some black shoes (preferably boots), black pants, a hat, a glove (ok you have to buy that), and the mask can be optional if you go as pre-burned Freddy. If not the mask and glove is really all you need and can probably find cheap on craigslist or ebay. People WILL get you costume by the sweater and glove alone. You can even make a glove using a old gardening glove and some grey felt or cardboard glued on as knives. The costume is NOT limited to guys but can also be a homage by girls, kids, cats, dogs, and unicorns alike.

For New Nightmare Freddy, wear sweater under long black trench coat and knee high boots over pants instead of ankle boots.


  • Michael Myers – Halloween franchise

The icon of all Halloween icons. Mr, Myers costume is simple since he stole it from a mechanic in the first movie, all it takes is one piece uniform (if you are already a mechanic or plumber than perfect!) or matching two piece outfit (dickies pants and a button down long sleeve shirt) dark blue or dark gray in color, and a mask.  The mask you might have to buy, unless u have white makeup, the right length and color hair (medium brown), and can control your expressions. Pair with a FAKE knife and you got a costume, you can also just cut out a knife using cardboard and some crayons.

  • Jason Vorhees –  Friday the 13th franchise

Very similar in costume to Myers, Jason has a simple hockey mask, layered sweaters, black or blue pants, and boots and a machete. The mask is the key element. They are under ten bux. Layer a few sweaters and a ragged tan cargo jacket and get really dirty, or just rob a hobo and wear his clothes. The machete im sure is also cheap at Halloween stores. I don’t advise using a real machete and cardboard that length will probably bend easy unless you can wrap it in gray electrical tape.

  • The Strangers family – The Strangers

One creepy ass movie and spooky ass masks. Basic clothes needed, a pretty floral dress and a spooky emotionless mask (5-10$ at halloween stores) or a suit and a burlap sack over your head. Its all about how you move. Weapons not needed to be creepy. U can buy plain white masks at Michaels or other craft stores and paint them.

Add zipper mouth and button eyes, be Dr. Decker from Nightbreed

  • The Adams family – Show, Movie, and Play

No mater what character you want to be, the costume is pretty basic. Everybody will recognize whatever costume you make, the old tv show and the movies are really great and inspiring in both costumes and every day fashion.

Wednesday Adams

All you need is black hair in two ponytails. Maybe some pale makeup, very light maroon lips, black tights, black flats, a black long sleeve dress with white collar blouse OR a black long sleeve shirt with white collar blouse underneath and a black skirt. Basically all you need are the ponytails and the black with white collar.

Morticia Addams

All you need for Morticia is a black dress, lace sleeves if possible, and if its a mermaid dress you are golden. Black straight hair, and make up as needed.

Gomez Adams

You will need a mustach, get one from a 25 cents dispencer, a pinstripe suit borrow from your dad or grandpa, and black shoes. Buy a cigar and you are golden. Great for a couples idea.

Pugsley Adams

You will need a black white striped tee shirt and black shorts to complete this costume. Preferably be round bellied if not use a pillow.

Uncle Fester, Grandmama, and Lurch

Uncle fester is simple, be bald or use a bald cap and wear a cape, or buttoned up black trench coat. Accessory  Lightbulb. Grandmama, have crazy bag lady hair, wear old lady sweater. Accessory: large brim feather hat; black. Lurch, you will have to be considerably tall, pale makeup, and a suit with bow tie. Accessory: white gloves.

  • Grady Twins – The Shining

Creepy huh. All you need is a baby blue chiffon dress and white knee high socks pair with black mary janes. Add white satin ribbon and tie neat bow around waist. Add barrettes to hair. And done. Complete with identical twin or just a closely resembling friend for complete affect. Hold hands and stare often.

  • Beetlejuice & Lydia – Beetlejuice

Now based on the movie or cartoon, BJ’s costume is basically the striped suit (spray paint a white suit) black shoes, crazy hair wig, and white make up (add some green goo (jello maybe?) around for moldy effect). Lydia has many costumes, either her all black gothic dress and big hat, or all red wedding dress. OR the cartoon. Can easily be made with black legging and cutting a whole in a round fabric and add spiderweb design around it. Hair in high pony tail. Long sleeve mesh top with thumb holes underneath.

  • Carrie White – Carrie

Easy costume but not very comfortable. Corn syrup is what they used for blood and can get very yuckie by the end of the night. Just wear a nice prom dress and drench in the stuff.

Well i hope you enjoyed these ideas for some THRIFTY diy Halloween costumes that will get you recognized! They require little effort and less  money than a full 50$ costume.

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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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