$1 Vintage Rampage Gown

So my last trip to the thrift store left me with the biggest grin as i found an amazing, perfect, dress in my size buy one of my many favorite designers. I was awe struck when i found it and the tag was for a dollar. I envisioned it as my wedding dress even! I found a ton of great stuff this last trip but i also learned that one of my must trust worthy thrift stores in west Hollywood closed, leaving a ache in my heart. I was last there for my birthday and scored some lovely items, which will be posted soon. This dress is uber amazing, as it is fitted, fully functional zipper, sexy low back (which shows off my lovely tattoo) and seems flawless and free of any visible stains or rips!

Girls all know the importance of a “little black dress”. I of course own many but i don’t have such a formal one as this! The reason is simple; black is not only slimming but looks good on any body type and can be styled with any shoes and jewelry, and black dresses can be worn for casual or formal occasions (not just funerals).

Black dresses say sexy, elegant, and simple.

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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