Betseyville Shoes $4.50?!

Yep just before i was headed to the check out line, i got a quick look at the shoe rack and spotted the betseyville logo, expecting them to be too much i painfully peeked at the price on the bottom to see that it was 4.50! Not each shoe, both of em for 4.50! I took them to the counter hoping the wouldnt notice the underpriced shoes, they didnt, and i got em for $2.25 a heel. They are Betseyville Aisha PatentPump with Bow with a  very nice chunk heel. They are missing thier bows and one of the ribbon is fraying. A trip to Michaels and some super glue should make em good as new, then its off to ebay for these size 9 pumps. Retail 39.99$ for a savings of 35.50$.




About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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