New Dollar Items!!!

Okay another shopping trip to out of the closet!

Last week I went and this shirt was $5.25 when I went back the next week it was marked down to a dollar! I have always wanted a Made in the 80s tee and now I gotz one! No tag but it seems Junk Food/Local Celebrity like. Very soft.

Most everything else was marked down to a dollar or 30% or 50% off:

Jucy couture blue tye dye floor length strapless dress. Bottom edge was ripped in many places, simple stitching made it good as new. 2 tiny pinhole stains. $9.50 marked down to $1

William B pink crop split cap sleeve cut up slash front top. Very cute. $4.50 marked down to $1

Bannana Republic Burnt Orange side turtleneck crowl neck top. Faint stain on breast barely noticeable. XL fits like a s-m. stretchy and soft. $7.50 marked down to $1

Banna Republic black button down formal work dress. Size 4 $6.50 marked down to $1

XXI medium Black Rainbow striped racer back tank. Small hole in belly area, $5.50 marked down to $1

XXI Lace striped bikini silk halter top empire waist with stretchy lace. Very pretty silk bottom with brown and white red flowers kinda Japanese style. Super sexy. Only flaw is a rip in the tie back. Can easily be cut short and tadaaaa gone. Size small. $5.50 marked down to a $1

Sparkle & Fade Purple thin see thru not mesh but very see thru fabric. Lightweight breezy, Large, zip side, adjustable straps. $6.50 marked down to $1

Guess XS Corset White Tank. I LOVE THIS TOP! But my boobs don’t rest on the right part of the top to make it look like im wearing the corset! Its just a bit too small. L This was 30% off 4.50 – making it $3.15

My fav find is this super sexy black back cut LUX top with fluttery tulle cap sleeves. Size small. 30% off 4.50 making it yep $3.15

Total spent: $15 Total Saved: $58.75

That’s some thrifty bitchy-ness

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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One Response to New Dollar Items!!!

  1. angelina says:

    Thrifty bitch you better take me shopping with U!!! You so came up on all these supper cute blouses!



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