My only Black Friday score

This year i really toned it down spending a shitload on good deals in store and online. The one thing i had my fingers crossed for is a dress from Hot Topic that i told my boyfriend i wanted for christmas. After her told me he would not pay $40 for a piece of clothes, i was grateful to see an email from Hot Topic with a special deal. Once i saw online only had size large, i called every Hot Topic in Los Angeles looking for it in small. Every store was sold out. Glendale Galleria had it in medium, the best i could find and i had to get it now or never.  I got the dress at 25% off $39.50 making it just under $30 and illegible for the 15$ Gift Card with any order $30 or more. I added some candy for a total of 32$, got the $15 gift card (called HotCash) and also an extra 15% off next purchase credit. Score.

Here is my perfect dress:

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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