Recent Hot Topic Sales

So i frequent hot topic, not because im trendy or love that emo “music” they play but because i am a fan of thier Half off Half Off sales! Yep, any reduced price item is half off during thier sales. I have the best luck during this time, as i have previously scored a earring trio for .75 cents.  This time i was looking for a specific item i wanted to get which had been on sale on the website. I almost was out of luck when i spotted him in the back of a bowl of stuffed animals. He had no tag, when i asked the price it took forever to look it up and compare it to the next best thing which was priced at 12.99! The tag was inside of the purse, and at 9.99 it was on sale! wait it was on double sale! It only cost me like 4.75! So not only was he the last one in the store but he was half off half off!

On a different occasion they had a buy a wallet get any accesory half off sale. My bf got a thor wallet and i grabbed a purse i had my eye on. It reminded me of a betsey johnson purse which retails at close to $200!

It was 16 so it only cost me $8. It is very cute and very 80’s! I just love it, even though it has limited space!

I have a OBSESSION with pink cheetah/leopard print stuff. My favorite wallet is also pink leopard, i got it at hot topic for half off, it was 17.99 and i got it with birthday money frm my uncle, and got a back up a year later for half off! I really love it!


About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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