New New shit!

So i got new stuff, here and there, all for pretty decent if not awesome fucking prices!

I got this free people top for like 3.50 Size 2, retails on ebay for about 69.99$ It has a tear on the side near the zipper and a loose button loose button holder thingy, but nuthin i cant fix. The straps are really pretty crochet like and glittery. Pretty top. Cheap.

Next up is a nice purple racer back striped top. The back is sheer with rose mesh, so is the pocket on the front. The fabric is soft loose and stretchy. It was an impulse buy at 6.99. Its super cute, comfy, and flattering. Good deal. I got it at a store at the local mall.

Next is my favorite deal. An Original Betsey Johnson New Work Dress. This corset like dress is sexy, tight, and comfy! I love Betsey and im glad i have this little black dress for the unbelievable price of 3.50$. There is lace trim at the bottom which needs a few stitches to make look like new. The ribbon is fraying but can easily be replaced.  It is scoop neck on the front and back which is awesome! I love this dress, and for the price who wouldn’t!

So next is a GREAT jacket from forever 21 size petite. But it fits me! at 9$ it was 1/2 off for a sale price of 4.50$.

Next and lastly is my new super awesome Mallrats Brodie babydoll tee! Got it on eBay for 7.50! I lOVe Mallrats and Brodie is definitely my favorite character from all the Kevin Smith movies. So i just HAD to have this shirt! It even has the mallrats logo on the back!

More soon!

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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