Serial Mom Promo Cereal Box!

MeowMeowz is the BEST punk/goth/rock shop and just fun hang out spot in Southern California. It is a punk rock thrift store, having rare gems from Devo Hats, Oingo Boingo US Fest tickets, imported shoes, and a variety of 80s vintage clothes. shoes and trinkets. So i went with a friend of mine, and just when i thought i couldn’t get anything with the 5$ i had, i spotted under a clothes rack this treasure from the John Waters movie Serial Mom starring Kathleen Turner (War of the Roses, Peggy Sue Got Married, Romancing the Stone). So because i LOVE that movie i was amazed to have found such a cool promo item. And for only 5$ i was even more happy. It is in great condition.

Unfortunelty it did not come with any stickers. Maybe one day i can i can find them on ebay. If you live in Southern California and Pasadena is not too far away please visit MeowMeowz as it is an awesome store! For now just “Like” them on facebook: and visit thier site:

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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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12 Responses to Serial Mom Promo Cereal Box!

  1. dave durian says:


    Just saw your Serial Mom cereal box – my best friend played Victim #3 – and he’d be thrilled to have that box – any chance you’d sell it??

  2. dave durian says:

    Sooo, say, $30 to forestall another bout – or two – of shopping withdrawal won’t do it?

  3. dave durian says:

    get my e-mail re: serial mom box???

  4. Ess says:

    You don’t still happen to have this item, do you?

  5. Adolph Lopez says:

    I’ve got one in pretty good shape. Anyone interested. Contact me at

  6. Shawna says:

    Aaaaahh! I used to own this when the movie came out! My dad worked at a video rental store and I wad obcessed with John Waters. As soon as they switched out promos, I got it.

    Years later, my sister went on some cleaning binge and thought she was doing everyone favors by ridding their rooms of things that she thought was trash. My promo box was a casualty.

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