Halloween Queens

In honor of Halloween here are, in my opinion, the 5 best Halloween Queens and also Goth icons.

5. Vampire

Iconic She-Dracula Vamira was a 60’s tv show host. Most commoly confused with Elvira (who holds spot number 1), vampire was also a horror host who dressed in a seductive black dress and beautiful jet black hair and makeup to match. However, Vampira is no Elvira. However, she is nonetheless, awesome in her own ways.

4. Lilly Munster

Mamma Munster is like a mother to us all. Who else would marry Frankenstein and raise a werewolf boy? Lilly Munster of the 1960’s TV show The Munsters is in her own way a goth queen. Though she dresses in white instead of black, her dark makeup and freakish personality are obvious to the Goth community. I gotta say, I love Lilly, she is one kool kat.

3. Little Wednesday Adams

One of my favorite characters of all time is young Wednesday adams of of course the Adams family show of the 1960’s and the movie adaptation of the 1990s. Little Wednesday of the TV show was too cute for words. Nothing is cutter than dressing up a child and making them wicked. Except when Christina Ricci adapts her own unique and twisted personally and transforms sweet Wednesday from the TV 1960’s show to wickedly evil Wednesday of the 1990s movie. I love Ricci and she brought justice to Wednesday’s character. Bravo.

2. Morticia Adams

Morticia is all I ever wanted to be. Sexy, sleek, and her husband kissing the ground she walsk on. Tv show Morticia, played by Carolyn Jones and movie version of Angelica Hudson were amazing at bringing this character to life. Personally I loved the movie morticia more because she was in color. Her pale makeup, red lips, and beautiful shiny hair made her come to life all over again. Wonderful casting choice.


1. the one and only mistress of the dark ELVIRA

Of course she is number one. She is no doubt best known for being the queen of Halloween. The always bodacious, Elvira, my namesake Cassandra Peterson. Her amazing looks cant compare to her quirky wit and valley girl personality. I love everything about Elvira. Her show is now back on air, Movie Macabre, thank god! Even at age 59, yes she is 59 and still looks the same! Elvira you are the Queen of Halloween.

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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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2 Responses to Halloween Queens

  1. Anna says:

    Morticia Adams is literally amazing. The woman is my style hero, though I could never pull off her awesome creepy beauty in the same way as she does!

  2. Gypsy Rose says:

    I completely agree with all of those. Especially the Sassy Lassy With the Classy Chassy as number one. ^_^

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