ThriftyBitch strikes again!

So i went shopping the other day and scored some good deals! 

M 21 purple tank

This super softy and stretchy tank i got for $1.25, only flaw is some small blood stains and the back bottom thread is loose. If i DiY this tank over the blood spots and sew the seam it will b good as new! 

Cute lime green Pink glitter cat shirt

I fell in love with this lime green with hot pink trim! The cute kitty is sewn on with glittery red and pink thread! I absolutely love it and it only cost me $2.75! 

Cozy red robe

 This robe i got for $4 yes you read it right $4! Its just like the kind they sell for $40+ at Sears! Its so omg super soft i just want to cuddle into a ball when i put this on! Its so warm i cant wait until winter! I’ll never take it off! 

Fun at the 99! 

I popped into the 99 cent store to see if they had their Halloween stuff out and yay! they did. I saw these cute grave stones and thought they would be perfect for my pet cemetary i have on my back porch. I love my animals even though they are gone, and i will always remember them. 

For Winifred

For Cornelius

For Ashley

 More to come! Very soon!! 

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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