Nina Hagen Style


Classic 80’s Mother of Punk NINA HAGEN! Now Nina has style! And i love her for it! 

Amazing Singer

Crazy Nina

Original Lady Gaga

 Lady Gaga must be a Nina Hagen fan because thier style is very similar.   

Nina Skull Hair Flowers

grocery shopping and looking awsome

 Classic Nina, black high boots, fine fisnet or regular black/grey tights, with a bright retro mini dress with a red long sleve underneath for layering. 

Nina so much PINK

I love this pink outfit! Fishnet tights on top of pink and black striped stocking, pink fishnet and black fisnet overlay as her top, and the giant pink butterflies in her hair scram “NINA HAGEN”. Her amazing makeup and flowing black hair paired with thick long bangs make her look amazing!

NYNY Video

Nina 80's

Her 80’s make up is amazing! Her hair is the smae as mine except its shorter and brighter! Her purple lipstick is amazing especially how it complements her oh-so-cool eyeshadow and eyeliner; I love it! I wish i lived in the 80’s!!!

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i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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