Kat Dennings Style


Casual Punk

Kat Denning’s definitely has a cool style. Her laid back punk attitude is easily see with the pieces she throws together. Even the characters she plays reflect her personal style, which I love because it is a lot like mine. 

Kat in Defendor

In Defendor Kat plays a meth head junkie, who’s punk rock outfit matches her witty tough girl attitude. Her style is a lot like mine was when i was about 16. 

Kat in Raise Your Voice

In Raise Your Voice, Kat plays a shy goth pianist. Again in similarity to me I am a shy goth pianist. Off screen Kat seems to have a goth side, always pairing burnt red lipstick and smokey eyeshadow not to mention Kat likes to wear a lot of black.

About Raven

i am what i am. a movie fanatic with a shopping addiction.
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