Goodwill Black Friday

Why hello again. I know it has been a long time but having to care for a baby, I don’t get out much to shop these days. Holiday sales are my only exception to ditch the kid and go hog crazy.  Black Friday was very good to me. I stocked up on an exceptional deal of out of season Halloween clothes for my young one for next season. I even scored some good deals on gifts for my family. Yet I had not got myself anything. So on Sunday I took to Goodwill’s 50% off all clothing sale. I got some GREAT deals and I am beyond joyed by my small yet glorious haul.


H&M Skull Print Tank $2


LUSH Sheer Lace Insert Tank $2


KIMCHI BLUE Semi Sheer Lace Insert Crop Top


Victoria’s Secret Red Corset $2


Polka Dot Eyelet Top $1.25


New with Tags retail $199 Laundry by Design White Contrast Piping Trench $7.50



Have & Have Skirted Romper $4


My two favorite scores are this New York Dolls tie side tank from Heart Moon Star. SO CUTE. SO 90’s! I love NY Dolls so this top was a great score.


New York Dolls Tie Side Tank Top from Heart Moon Star $2

But my by far best score (on the list of best EVER) is this exclusive Walking Dead Season 6 Set Dec Crew T-Shirt. Is a medium but fits a little loose than most my mediums. It is in GREAT condition. It was only $1.25!


Front of shirt



That’s all for now! Check back soon!

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Free People Thrift Store Haul!

There is a thrift store by my work that always has Free People tops and dresses. They always have a 50% perfect off sale on clothes on select days. I was sad to see this discount was lowered from 50 to 40 as of last week. I guess everyone needs to make a bigger profit even places that take donations!

So below are a few of the FP stuff i got and some have since sold for 2-3 times what i paid!

20141024_204502 20141024_205218 20141024_210338 20141024_210656 20141024_211150 20141024_212858 $_57 (14)$_57 (15)




PLUS I found my very much beloved vintage 1990’s Free People long sleeve thermal top! I got this in a HUGE random lot on eBay of punk/goth clothes when i was a teenager many years ago. It always fit more like a crop top because of it’s thermal type fit. Its super warm and cozy and black and white striped never goes out of fashion!

$_12 (2)


Thats all for now but i got some new Betsey Johnson stuff i will post soon!

ALSO I am working REALLY hard on another post similar to my well received The Secret Circle Fashion post! So please stay tuned and prepare to be WOWED!


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Hot Topic Birthday & Clarence Sale!

For  my birthday Hot Topic sent me a $5 Gift Certificate off any purchase of $30 or more. My boyfriend failed to get me a top from Hot Topic i was dying for my birthday. I took advantage of their off Clarence Sale to use my gift certificate. Luckily the top i wanted, the Black Skull Rose Tank was one sale! Then I went crazy and added a ton of stuff to my cart because they had such insane deals! Here is what I scored:

Black Skull Rose Tank Top

Black Skull Rose Tank Top

 Retail: $24.50

Sale price $16.38

Blackheart Skull Print Teaser T-Shirt Bra

Blackheart Skull Print Teaser T-Shirt Bra

Retail $36.59

Sale price $$6.67

Iron Fist Soul Stealer Swim Bikini Top & Bottom

Iron Fist Soul Stealer Swim Bikini Top & Bottom

Retail Top & Bottom each $22.50  

Sale Price $3.34 Each

Iron Fist Here Kitty Monokini

Iron Fist Here Kitty Monokini

Retail $39.50

Sale price $4.46

Blackheart Studded Scandalous Push-up Bra

Blackheart Studded Scandalous Push-up Bra

Retail $38.50

Sale Price $6.67

AND because I spent over $30 I earned $15 Hot Cash (A $15 off $30 future purchase)


 Total Retail: $184.09  Total spent: $40.86   Total Saved: $143.23

More soon!!

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Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom Rack LABOR DAY SALE!

I could not help getting my Betsey fix at Nordstrom rack and reap the benefits of their 25% off clearance sale. I got some BJ earrings i have been looking for since i lost mine years ago! I got a Pajama set and two super soft terry cloth wraps! AMAZING stuff for so cheap!

I got TWO pairs of Betsey Johnson Silver-Tone Crystal Skull and Cross Bones Stud Earrings .

Betsey Johnson Silver-Tone Crystal Skull and Cross Bones Stud Earrings

Retail $25.00

Sale $10.97

I got two of these super soft Betsey Johnson Vintage Terry Ruffle Robe, one in IKAT DOT BERRY BLUE & one in BEACH STRIPE XOX BRIGHT CORAL

Betsey Johnson Vintage Terry Wrap

Retail $39.00

Sale $7.31

My heart sopped when i saw this Betsey Johnson Slinky Knit Pajama Set in FRILLS N THRILLS SUZY SNOW! They are so silky soft and so sexy!! The pattern is clips of lace trim! So Betsey!

Betsey Johnson Slinky Knit Pajama Set in FRILLS N THRILLS SUZY SNOW

Betsey Johnson Slinky Knit Pajama Set in FRILLS N THRILLS SUZY SNOW

Retail $85.00

Sale $18.73

What an amazing Betsey Score. I will for sure be visiting Nordstrom Rack again when they have more clearance sales!

Total Spent: $55.22


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Jessica Simpson Boots, Hudson Jeans & MORE!

There is a Salvation Army thrift store by my work that has a 50% off entire store sale every Friday. I got these Jessica Simpson platform boots, Mogan Delias Bootcut and Hudson Signature Bootcut on half off! The jeans were like $10 each and the boots only $12! I also got some Betsey Johnson Harley Sandal heels for only $7.50!betsey-johnson-harley-sandal

152693_irs_sd-w900 152693_irs_bk-w900 hud-w170dhamar-sde-big hud-w170dhamar-bck-big

IMG_0586 (2)

Jessica Simpson Boots In GREAT condition

IMG_0577 (2)

Delias Morgan Boots with the Boots


The magic of the boots is they keep my mannequin balanced without a stand! Perfection!

More soon!!     >>> Dont forget to follow me on Pintrest! <<<

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Thrifty Bitch on Pintrest!

Like my fashion style? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Head on over to my Pintrest and follow ME! Not only do i pin from my blog here on WordPress but i have some great DIY stuff and WEIRD obscure items AND an awesome Betsey Johnson collection! So come on over and follow me, you wont be sorry!

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A Very Betsey J. Valentines Day!

Retail $199 Model #EZ16069

I had overpaid 3 times the original listing price of $6 on eBay when i asked the seller over the course of 2 months to re-list this item. Desperate to make it my Valentines Day dress, this Betsey Johnson Evenings Dress is full on sequins and thick tie waist! A size 6 was too big and had me literally falling out of my dress, so i was forced on Valentines day to buy a new dress and change immediately. My eyes darted on a black dress, thinking it was the Free People Corset Voile Dress from my Secret Circle Fashion post but lord behold, under close inspection it was a Punk Label Betsey Johnson ballerina dress. My heart pounded so hard I thought i would faint. It was only $9.50 for a dress that i have seen sell for $300!

IMG_8002 IMG_8005 IMG_8008 Betsey Johnson Punk Label Ballerina Dress

I also picked up this cute forever 21 horse print dress which i will sell on eBay after i wear it at least once! I love print dresses, this one has such cute straps too!

Forever 21 Boutique Horse Dress Forever 21 Boutique Horse Dress

On a different note my long time boss Fashion Designer Rio Warner of Glitter Death (formally Beauty Is Pain) is on the cover of the Valentines Day LA Weekly! I have worked for her for many years, working on her ebay BeautyIsPain and love her shop in Hollywood Glitter Death! Rio has been commissioned to create one of a kind costume pieces for A-List celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna. Read the article here!!

LA Weekly Couples Issue 2014

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